Superior Greenhouse Covering

Polydress® LP Keder (also known as Solawrap) is an incredibly strong and energy-efficient greenhouse covering manufactured in Germany. It is a three-layer transparent polyethylene film with thousands of air bubbles in the middle that act as energy-saving insulation. Polydress® LP Keder has excellent light diffusion properties to provide year-round growth. Polydress® LP Keder is a cost effective solution, being less expensive than traditional glasshouses. It is strong as well as resistant against extreme weather.


Technical Information

Roll Width 4', 5', 6' and 6'6" widths available
Roll length 328 ft
Weight per square foot approx. 410g/m² (± 10 %) / 1.31 oz/ft2 (± 10 %)
Roll weight approx. 81kg / 178.5 lbs
UV-stabilization/ durability 1.8∙106 BTU/ft2 (20920 MJ/m2, equivalent to 10 years in central Europe at an average annual solar radiation of 4184 MJ/m2 or 100 kly/year)
(ASTM C177-10)
1.7 (ft2∙°F∙h)/BTU
Heat conductivity 0.04 BTU/(ft∙h∙°F)
(ASTM E424-71)
approx. 83 % (light)
approx. 30 % (infrared)
Additional features Anti-fog/anti-condensation additive



Fantastic Product

“The Poly Keder is a fantastic product. It has been on my dome for this, being the third season. I am very pleased the way it stands up to the rain, wind, hail and snow.”

— Bryce, Manitoba